EasyFN allows you to make your own Fortnite lobbybot within a few minutes!

Works on Mobile

You can create your Fortnite lobbybot on any device!


EasyFN comes with a lot of commands, and we continuously work on more!

Easy to Use

It takes less than 5 minutes to create your own bot

What people are saying...

"EasyFN is the easiest and safest way to create lobbybots in fortnite. For any purpose, such as viewing unreleased skins and emotes, to observing certain skin combos. I would recommend EasyFN to anybody that likes fortnite, as a lobbybot is a fun edition to your gameplay experience. EasyFN by far provides the best service possible for everything lobbybots."

"I am very happy with EasyFN [...] I believe my data is safe and secure overall. I started using the bots April 1st, so round about 2 months ago. I think what makes EasyFN special is it’s communication and the unique features and overall equipment it displays [...] I usually use the bots to mess around with my friends. I also occasionally use the bots for showing leaked skins and what not."

"I am happy using EasyFN. One of the easiet ways to create your own Fortnite lobbybot. It can be used to view unreleased cosmetics, rare cosmetics and stuff u like. My data is safe and I am happy using EasyFN :))"